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Balance and Believe is about YOU the student. Athletes today are being bombarded by social media and all the different methods to performing at a high level. The problem is simple. If you can’t perform at a high level is all the hard work worth it. The answer at Balance and Believe is YES. Because we have such a balanced approach to sport the student also has the opportunity to get better at life. Through a simple process called “Component Training” the Balance and Believe team evaluates all the different components of a students make up. While our teachers are incredibly accomplished and feel that the technical aspects of teaching are incredibly important, we know that a balanced approach will put the student on a path to success both in sport and in life. It does not matter what sport you play, the Balance and Believe approach works for every athlete.

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Season 2 – Episode 1

Derek possess a deep level of knowledge about the golf swing, golf equipment and the physics of golf. How and when he shares his knowledge is customized to each student. Whether you spend 1 hour or many months working with Derek and the Balance & Believe philosophy, you will be a better person as a result.


From the very start, Derek’s relaxed manner, and his simplistic approach to hitting the ball worked for me. If one way of explaining, or doing something did not click, he had another approach that would! I am so pleased to have found someone I enjoy so much working with, and feel that I am gaining some much needed confidence in this game.


Derek Schnarr is one of the top teachers in the country.He has the innate ability to identify varying levels of opportunity in a player’s golf swing, and work together with any individual to improve.More importantly, Derek teaches well beyond the mechanics of the golf swing.He is one of the true “golf coaches” in both on course mindset and course management.