Balance & Believe Philosophy

We teach golf in a different way at the Balance & Believe Golf Academy. Golfers today are constantly being overflowed with information, techniques, and opinions on the golf swing. While we do believe the technical side of the golf swing is a key component to success, we believe it is one of many components. We teach what we call Component Training. Your training will begin with an evaluation of what components of your life are most important to you. The key to Component Training is getting all of these components in Balance. When you are able to have all of the key components in your life in Balance, that is when you will be able to achieve your peak performance.

Golf Swing Philosophy

“The Balance & Believe instructors are not instructors, but teachers. Anybody can instruct, but it takes a special combination of personal characteristics to be a teacher. Our goal with every player is development. A plan. There will never be any tips. We will never start in the middle of your golf swing. There is a very simple golf swing philosophy at Balance & Believe. There is no reason to work on your golf swing if your set up does not repeat itself every single time. Too many people are constantly working on their golf swing from bad set up positions. Starting from the foundation, we use Motion Analysis Technology by Taylormade that takes an average of all tour players set ups and golf swings. These averages give us a baseline for teaching the proper set up and swing positions. In other words it gives us a range in which a set up is acceptable. The golf swing is all about the process leading up to the execution of the golf swing. The process starts with a pre-shot routine that leads to a consistent set-up and then the execution of the golf swing.”
~ Derek Schnarr

Derek Schnarr

Head of Instruction Founder of B&B

Derek is the Founder of the Balance & Believe Academy, and has been teaching golf for over Fifteen years. He grew up in Madison, WI where he attended Memorial High School. After school, Derek went to work as a sales representative at Zevo Golf. From there, he moved to Arizona to become a sales representative for Taylormade.

After some life changes, Derek found himself back in Wisconsin, his home, wanting to stay around the game of golf which lead him into teaching.

Derek came up with the idea for the Balance & Believe Academy when he began teaching Junior Golfers, and noticed a direct correlation between their success on the golf course and having Balance in all aspects of their life. As he made a name for himself and the B&B Academy, Derek made a meteoric rise in the world of golf instruction.

Derek has a simple approach to the game of golf, and that is reflected in the way he teaches. He is a firm believer that all players need to spend most of their time working on the things they can control most in the golf swing: their set up and alignment. From beginners to professionals, Derek teaches all types of players and brings the same enthusiastic energy to each and every lesson he gives.

Christina Schnarr

B&B Head Fitness Instructor

“At Balance & Believe, our fitness sessions focus on functional training as well as balanced nutrition. Over the last few years we have had great success with all of our athletes, and many different levels. We believe in a balanced mind and a balanced body to achieve optimal success.

I have been a group fitness instructor, Pilates instructor and a personal trainer for over ten years. I have worked with athletes who are both recreational and competitive. I have found that regardless of your desired outcome, the best results come to those who achieve optimal balance.

As a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, I will always do my best to help you make educated decisions on your fitness and nutrition to help you reach your goals!

As the head of the Balance and Believe Fitness Component, I am excited to announce that we will be offering a new session of classes for 2017. Check back soon for more information on classes and sessions coming up.

We look forward to meeting you and get you started on your journey to optimal health!”